The Gator 6x4 is an Off-Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) that has been designed to facilitate the transportation of goods and personnel.

These benefits can be enhanced further when used in conjunction with up to 4 no PermaquipTM Type B Rail Trolley, Personnel Carriers.

Product image
Weight 1000kgs
Gauge W6a
Rail Type 9C
On / Off Track Cant 100mm
Max Travel Cant 200mm
Max Working Cant 200mm
Max Gradient 1 in 25
Max Trailing Load 5000kgs
ALO Capable YES
Travel Under Live OLE YES
Work Under Live OLE YES
  • Fitted with turntable for flexibility to maintain forward travel
  • The RRV Gator is a 6 x 4 vehivle fitted with diesel engine, which has the capacity to carry two persons and additional payload in rear open compartment
  • Maximum towed / propelled weight is 5000kgs