Elmecs Volvo SRS LRB18 MEWPs are an industry first RRVs fitted with the Hastec CAS (collision avoidance system) designed and built in-house with the purpose of avoiding collisions between RRVs within a worksite.

Product image
Weight 18000kgs
Gauge W6a
Rail Type 9A
On / Off Track Cant 150mm
Max Travel Cant 200mm
Max Working Cant 150mm
Max Gradient 1 in 25
Basket Capacity 350kg
Max Height 8.8m
Max Side Outreach 6m
ALO Capable YES
Travel Under Live OLE YES
Work Under Live OLE NO
  • The system also includes an adaptive speed control, cameras, and data logging system
  • The machine has also been fitted with hand wash stations and a defibrillator as standard
  • The machine is fitted with a Shunk instrumented pantograph for accurate contact measurement & recording
  • The Baskets are of the latest spec and approved to EN280
  • And fully compliant with RIS1530 PLT