The Volvo Excarailer EW140 has a unique Twin Cab configuration where the Operator & Machine Controller are seated parallel as opposed to the same side restricted view on current machines.

This ensures all round visibility when travelling towards a worksite or long distance, this can also be utilised while flailing operations are commencing due to the ballistic resistant glass in both cabs reducing the risk of injury 360-Degree camera systems are in place for better overall safety.

Machine is fitted with a duplex communication cab kit with built in charging ports to eliminate having to ensure communication is brought to site.

Product image
Weight 23000kgs
Gauge W6a
Rail Type 9A
On / Off Track Cant 100mm
Max Travel Cant 200mm
Max Working Cant 150mm
Max Gradient 1 in 25
Max Trailing Load 46000kgs
Max Reach 6.7m
SWL @ 5m R Circa 3t
ALO Capable YES
Travel Under Live OLE YES
Work Under Live OLE YES

Compatible Attachments

  • Engcon / Rototilt
  • Pincer Grab
  • Log Grab
  • Clamshell
  • Heavy Duty Forestry Flail
  • Soil Nail Drill Rig
  • EMV Piling Hammer