Unimog U210 Chipper & Box is a 12tonne road rail Unimog capable of accessing on 99% of all approved road rail access points due to its 4x4 drive and extremely high ground clearance.

This is a high ride machine ( 9B ) with a self-tipping rear box capable of carrying up to 4tonnes of cut chippings, once the RRV reaches site it deploys the chipper to cutting height and powers the TP250 chipper via PTO directly from the Unimog.

Once the box is full the RRV can then travel back to the access RRAP, demount the rails and drive to a suitable place to unload the chippings via the tipping body which removes the need for manual labour and the safety risks.

Product image
Weight 12000kgs
Gauge W6a
Rail Type 9B
On / Off Track Cant 100mm
Max Travel Cant 150mm
Max Working Cant 150mm
Max Gradient 1 in 25
Max Chipping Weight 4000kgs
Max Chipping Diameter 250mm
Min/Max Chipping Sizes 4-13mm
ALO Capable YES
Travel Under Live OLE YES
Work Under Live OLE YES

Chipper Specs

  • Disk Chipper 3x Knives
  • 2x 260 x 350mm Feed Rollers
  • Rotorspeed is 1000RPM
  • Adjustable Chip Chute
  • Chip diameter from 4 to 13mm