The Colmar T10000 is the industry professional when it comes to heavy lifting / piling, with its huge 10t lift capacity and extendable counterweight makes it tonnes above the rest.

Recently fitted with a brand new GKD Series 3 Space guard ( High performance movement limiting device ) RCI to maximise the machines performance and lifting capacity in the safest possible working environment.

This machine is the perfect RRV to do all the heavy lifting on track such as pre-cast concrete foundations, stillages, on site concrete mixing, large timber removal and all things piling.

Product image
Weight 32000kgs
Gauge W6a
Rail Type 9B
On / Off Track Cant 150mm
Max Travel Cant 200mm
Max Working Cant 150mm
Max Gradient 1 in 25
Max Trailing Load 46000kgs
Max Reach 7m
Max Lift Capacity 10t
ALO Capable YES
Travel Under Live OLE YES
Work Under Live OLE YES

Compatible Attachments

  • HR2750 Fambo Drop Hammer
  • EMV Hammer
  • Movax Hammer
  • 10t Lifting Hook